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Frequently Asked Questions

» Will my vehicle still pass emission tests? 

The RalliTronic Power Pack will not significantly change the vehicles emission compared to a test in series. Emission tests are part of the TÜV-homologation.

» Will the RalliTronic result in extra wear of components such as the engine or gearbox? 

The additional power and torque from the RalliTronic Power Pack is realized within the technical and mechanical limits of a specific model. Maintaining engine, gearbox and drive train lifetime is of paramount importance during development. Relevant parameters have been closely monitored during extensive tests. The implemented safety features ensure that the mechanical and thermal strain on components stay as close as possible to series.

» Will the update or diagnosis functions change? 

No, the vehicle’s ECU (hardware and software) will remain original. Therefore all update and diagnosis functions will remain as they are. The performance increase is immune to ECU updates during maintenance.

» Will the insurance change? 

This is depending on your insurance policy. In general however the insurance will not change. It is highly recommended to check this before installing a performance enhancement module and to inform your insurance company after installation.

» How come the performance is not increased by default during vehicle production? 

Manufacturers take operating conditions worldwide into account such as fuel quality, emission limits, mechanical tolerances and different climates. All these factors are limiting the performance margins for developers. The RalliTronic Power Pack should be seen as an optimized set-up for European driving conditions that uses the tolerances the manufacturer has designed-in.

» Can I take the RalliTronic with me to my new Mitsubishi? 

As long as the engine, gearbox and drive train specifications are the same the RalliTronic Power Pack can be installed on your new vehicle. In case specification has changed or you have switched to a different Mitsubishi model the RalliTronic Power Pack needs to be reprogrammed to the new model and an installation kit for your new car is needed. It is strongly recommended to have your dealer (re-) fit the Power Pack.

» Are there additional precautions to be taken after a performance module has been installed? 

Not more than with a standard vehicle. Instructions regarding service intervals should be followed as well as user instructions such as checking oil (level and quality), coolant level, tyres and brake conditions.

» Do I need to upgrade the brake system because of increased performance? 

The safety margins of the factory-installed brakes are more than sufficient to deal with the increased performance. This is confirmed by the TÜV-homologation.

» Can I mount the RalliTronic Power Pack myself? 

Although installation is quite simple due to a plug and play installation kit and a clear manual, it is recommended to ask an authorized dealer to do the installation. The RalliTronic Power Pack needs to be programmed with vehicle specific software prior to installation. Warranty only applies to professionally and properly installed modules which have been registered to a vehicle.

» Is it easy to undo the performance increase? 

Yes the module can be removed easily because of the use of original connectors. It is a matter of unplugging the RalliTronic wire harness and plugging back the original connectors.

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